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The Huffington Post

Talking About Disordered Eating | The Huffington Post

I grew up in a household where meals were celebrated, from the tiniest snacks to the fanciest holiday dinners. It was all done in a joyful way...

Career contessa flex working hours article

7 Ways Your Boss Benefits From Flex Scheduling

If you’ve ever stared out at a sea of window-less cubicles over a stale cup of coffee, chances are the thought’s crossed your mind that you could be doing your whole job straight from your living room in your pajamas...

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The Huffington Post

Self-Care During a Season of Negativity | The Huffington Post

Take a deep breath. Fill up your lungs.
Now let it out. Woooooooooooosh.
Let it all go...

Mixer article
The Huffington Post

The Mixer | The Huffington Post

Summertime four years ago, I was patching up a broken heart. It had been ugly, messy, and unexpected, as first-love breakups often are...

Heartbreak article

Addressing Your Heartbreak in the Office| Career Contessa

So, you just had your heart broken. You've cried through breakfast, eaten ice cream for lunch, and ripped up the photo evidence by dinnertime...

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The Huffington Post

A Taste of Home at the Newport Wine and Food Festival | Huffington Post

I’ve moved quite a bit in my 30 years. Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, San Diego… that’s enough coast hopping to recognize the sincere importance of feeling like you have a community. Feeling at home...

Career contessa apology not enough article

Messed Up? How to Let Go When Your Apology Is Not Enough | Career Contessa

We’ve all been there. Unless you’re superwoman, you’ve probably made an error at work at some point in your career. If you haven’t—well, it’s probably coming. And that’s OK.

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The Huffington Post

On Turning 30

Tomorrow I turn 30.

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to care, or if it mattered. Billions of people turn 30 daily, and 30 is... 30. I had such trepidation about...

10 Rules for Never Pissing Off Your Coworkers| Career Contessa

Office life can often mean everyone up in each other's business—even if you're working for a large company...

The Best Way to (Nicely) Tell Your Boss Her Expectations Suck ...

It's 3pm on a Friday. You've been mentally checked out and ready for the weekend for at least an hour, and suddenly your inbox dings...

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The Huffington Post

This Is 29 | Huffington Post

On Wednesday, I turned 29. As a little girl, I would constantly dream up what being an adult would look like. Usually I resembled a Babysitters Clu......

How to Write the Perfect Email Every Time| Career Contessa

In an age where cursive isn't even taught anymore, is it any wonder we...

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The Huffington Post

Letting Yourself Say No | Huffington Post

And just like that, it's almost a new year. 365 days of growing and, in some cases, outgrowing. This has been a year that's brought a lot of positive c......

How Private Should Your Social Media Accounts Actually Be? | Career Contessa

We're living in a nonstop, can't turn it off, social world, which means we have the unique opportunity...

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The Huffington Post

On Saying Sorry | Huffington Post

“Sorry! Thanks.” “Ugh, I'm sorry.” “Oh, I'm so sorry!”...